How to Convert Airtel 3G SIM into 4G

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  1. रोहित सैनी says:

    हमने कल अपने 3g को कन्वर्ट कराकर 4g किया है मेसेज आया है मगर शो अभी भी 2g ही कर रहा है और पता भी नही चल रहा है कि फ्री डेटा मिला है कि नही कुछ नही समझ आ रहा है।

  2. jethuram mahanta says:

    Sir i am jethuram mahanta. My mobile no +917609973494.but didn’t network on my mobile please suggest me.

  3. Gaidinlung kamei says:

    Upgrade 3g SIM to 4g SIM

  4. Sagrika says:

    Hii all, I read everyone’s problem so thought of texting, yesterday (25/9/17) i upgraded my sim, they gave me one 4g sim and from my old 3g sim i texted the 20 digit no to 121 and confirmed with 1,after 1-2hours i got some confirmation msg and configuration setting msgs then i did all required stuffs then network enabled.. I can say within 2-3hrs only i got my new network.. Thanks

  5. A Lipise. Sangtam says:

    Is there any offer when we upgrade 3g to 4g SIM?

  6. Hitesh says:

    Is there any charge for upgrading to 3g to 4g. They have taken 10 /- per sim

  7. Tiasha says:

    Is it mandatory to take a 4 G sim? Will the messages in my 3G sim get deleted if i take a 4G sim? Can i continue with my 3G sim instead?

  8. Lam says:

    I have already upgraded my sim to 4g but why do I keep getting notifications to upgrade?

  9. Timmy says:

    Do I need to wait to insert the 4G sim…. The retailer told me to insert the sim after the Network is gone, so i did that but I tried to check my Bal and No. It doesn’t work….. Do i Need to Wait for it To activate?

  10. Shivam Tiwari says:

    Sir what to do for converting my 3g prepaid sim to 4g sim by online??

  11. Okram Michael Singh says:

    it is necessary to upgrade 3g to 4g without 4g supported phone.If I will upgrade to 4g it will work or not because my phone is 3g please tell me about this matter

  12. aashu says:

    If i convert my 3g sim in 4g then i will get 2 gb 4G data free.sir is it true?

  13. NIRBHAY says:


    • Admin says:

      Hi Nirbhay, you don’t need to pay any amount for this service. This service is free or your Old SIM balance amount will automatically shift.

  14. Asit Sen says:

    If i change my sim then all the contacts will get erased?

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