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How to Activate/Deactivate/Set Hellotune on Jio [Caller Tune]

Now make your Jio caller tune free of cost and bring a smile to your caller’s face by making your favorite song as caller tune. It is a Value Added Service using which you can set your favorite song or music as your caller tune that will listen to callers at the time your number is ringing. Jio is currently offering a free caller tune service without any extra charges on it. You can select your JioTune from a large collection of songs ranging from Bollywood to International, devotional to Regional music, and many other genres. Here are the easy steps to activate the free Jio caller tune on your number.

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Jio offers multiple ways to activate the caller tune on your number which are JioMusic Apps, SMS Service, or copy of other Caller Tune

1. How to Activate Caller Tune on Jio number with JioMusic App

  • Step 2) Select a song from the list that you want to set caller tune on your Jio number.
  • Step 3) Now click on the set as Jiotune icon, you will receive a confirmation SMS after activation.

2. How to activate caller tune on Jio number with SMS

Send an SMS “JT” to 56789 and follow the instructions or you can use the below formats to set the caller tune of your favorite Movie, Album, and singer name.

  • MOVIE <Movie Name> and Send to 56789 (e.g. – MOVIE Hichki and send to 56789)
  • ALBUM <Album Name> and Send to 56789 (e.g. – ALBUM Aise Na Dekho and send to 56789)
  • SINGER <singer Name> and Send to 56789 (e.g. – SINGER Sonu Nigam and send to 56789)

3. How to Copy Other Jio Caller Tune

  • To set the same JioTune as another Jio customer, press ‘*’ before the call stops ringing.
  •  You will receive an SMS from 56767 to confirm your consent.
  • You need to reply to this consent SMS with “’Y ‘and the selected JioTune will be activated on your Jio number.

How to Deactivate Caller Tune on Jio number

Call on 155223 to deactivate the Jio caller tune or either you can send an SMS “STOP” to 56789 to stop the caller tune service on the Jio number.

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