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Helpful AIS (Thailand) Network USSD Codes

Advanced Info Service is Thailand’s largest GSM mobile phone operator. If you’re an AIS Thailand network customer or traveler then you can use these ussd codes to check your network services detail. These helpful codes will help to check AIS Thailand network account balance, data balance, customer care number, and other related information.

If any of the information is not available here, you can call on AIS network customer support helpline number.

AIS Balance and Service Usage Check Press: *121#  or dial *121
Checking AIS Bonus Minutes and Mao Mao Usage Press: * 121#
Fee Call Bonus Checking Press: *121*2#
Remaining AIS Package Balance Check Press: *121*3# (The total remaining usage quota of your Internet/ SMS/ iSMS/MMS/ WiFi package(s) will be sent to you via SMS)
AIS Internet Balance Checking Press :*121  Press ’4’ to check Internet balance
Check/Change /Subscribe packages Press:*777 
AIS Balance Transfer Service Press:*140*1* Destination AIS One-2-Call! Number in 10-digit*Transfer Amount# 
Balance Transfer Request Service “New” Press:*140*12* Destination AIS One-2-Call!/Postpaid Number in 10-digit*Request Amount# 
Validity Transfer Service Press: *140*2*Destination AIS One-2-Call! Number in 10-digit *Days of Validity to transfer# 
Call Me Back Service Press: *222*Destination Number in 10-digit# 
On-top Internet Packages Press:*501#
Main Menu will be displayed on screen. Press ‘Reply’* and type desired menu number you wish to subscribe to
Get your AIS own phone number Press:*545#
Turn on International Roaming Press:*125 or*125*1#
Check number register Press: *161# 
Use a Voucher PIN Scratch Card Code
  1. Press: *121# – Check balance
  2. Press: *120*<voucher_code>#
  3. Press *121# – Check balance


  1. One code to check your Usage and Balance
  2. Checking Bonus Minutes and Mao Mao Usage
  3. Checking Free Call Bonus Balance
  4. Checking Remaining Package Quota (for Internet / SMS / iSMS / MMS / Wifi)
  5. Checking Internet Exceeding Charge


  1. Balance Transfer Service
  2. Balance Transfer Request Service
  3. Validity Transfer Service
  4. Call Me Back Service
  5. Top up another number Service

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