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ALBtelecom (Albania) Network USSD Codes

ALBtelecom provides telecommunications services through a fixed network in Albania’s. If you’re an ALBtelecom network customer and need help on any of ALBtelecom network services then you can contact with ALBtelecom Customer Care, please dial 123 directly from your ALBtelecom Mobile and Fixed number. There you will get all the information about the latest offers and services of ALBtelecom; about the internet services, or different problems you might encounter during your mobile or fixed ALBtelecom network use.

How to contact ALBtelecom Support

– Simply call 123 from any ALBtelecom number.
– Call 00355 4 22 00123, or 04 22 00123 from all other national operators.
– Call 00355 4 22 00123 from abroad.

Viva Cell MTS For Prepaid Subscribers

USSD Action
*100# Checking the account balance
*100# Latest Offers / International / Global Packages
Send SMS “Balance” to 55555 Remaining minutes
Send SMS “Balance” to 145 To check the balance of the activated package

1. How can I check out how much Balance I have in my account?

The subscriber can find out the status of his account by sending an SMS with the text “Balance” to the number 141. It does not matter if the text is in uppercase or lower

2. How to Send Free SMS with Roamer freetext (ALBtelecom Number)

Roamer freetext, a new service offered to all ALBtelecom Mobile subscribers that will allow sending free on net sms toward the ALBtelecom Mobile network while Roaming. This service will be available all over the world where ALBtelecom Mobile offers Roaming service.

3. How can I Port My Mobile Number to ALBtelecom Network in Albania?

Number portability is a service that allows all active prepaid and postpaid numbers to switch from their current mobile operator to another, while maintaining the same mobile number. You can become an ALBtelecom subscriber by keeping your same number.

You can visit any ALBtelecom point of sale with an identification document to sign a request for porting in your number, as well as to sign a new subscription contract, which can be a prepaid or a postpaid contract.

Do I lose my current balance in my prepaid mobile number if I port in? 

 Yes, if you haven’t used your balance yet, you cannot use it with the other operator.

– Do I have to pay for the number portability? 

The subscribers that choose ALBtelecom will not pay any fee for the process of number portability. So, keep in mind that this process is free-of-charge.

– What does one need to become a prepaid subscriber of ALBtelecom?

In order to port in you need an identification document, such as ID card, or a passport.

– How long does the process of number portability take? 

The number portability can be finalized in less than three business days, starting from the day of handing the number portability request form in our shops.

– How often can I port my number in and out of mobile operators? 

The mobile portability is a process that cannot be performed more than once in three months.

– How can I know if the Portability Request has been successful an my number is part of the ALBtelecom network? 

When the process is over and successful, your new SIM card to which the number has been ported in will have ALBtelecom network coverage; but as soon as the SIM is activated, you will be notified by a welcome SMS to our network. Enjoy!

For more information, please visit our ALBtelecom shops, reach us on online chat support, reach us on WhatsApp or Viber to 067 2000123, or call Customer Service to 123

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