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Azerfon (Azerbaijan) Data Balance Check

Azerfon is a GSM, UMTS, and LTE telecom network operator in Azerbaijan and other CIS countries since 2007. If you are an Azerfon Azerbaijan network customer or traveler then you can use the below-given Azerfon USSD Codes or below-given methods to check your network services detail.

It will help you to check the data balance, remaining account balance, recharging cards, customer care number, and other related information. If any of the information is unavailable here, you can call the Azerfon Azerbaijan customer support number.

Azerfon Data Balance Check

Azerfon Azerbaijan prepaid subscribers can Dial  * 777 # 77 # code on their cell phone dial pad and press the call button.

Enquiry Azerfon Azerbaijan Data Balance Online

Customers can use the web-based service to inquiry about all the balance-related details, visit the Azerfon Azerbaijan website and navigate on the My Account option and log in, after successful login, it’ll display usage details in the account section.

Manage all Servies with Azerfon App

The Azerfon App allows you to manage your Unitel account.

  • Check your balances and top-ups
  • Change your tariff
  • Check your account statement
  • Manage your Azerfon services
  • Install it now and use it without wasting your data balance.

Developer: Nar
Price: Free

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