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Beeline (Armenia) Network USSD Codes

Beeline is a second-largest Russia-based telecommunication service provider network that is providing services in multiple countries. If you’re using Beeline network sim in Armenia and don’t know the important services USSD code to check the remaining account balance, data balance, and other related Beeline (Armenia) network ussd codes. Here are the important codes to activate and deactivate the Beeline (Armenia) network.

Beeline (Armenia) Balance check and Account recharge Code

*102# Beeline Balance check for prepaid payment system subscribers
0697 Beeline Voice check for prepaid payment system subscribers
067413 Beeline Balance check. Information about subscriber’s debt as of the last day of the previous month (postpaid payment system).
067412 Beeline Balance check. Information about the current account of the subscriber (postpaid payment system). The subscription fee for additional services not included. SMS service should be activated for a balance check (if it is not active). Activation by number 067409001, or via *110*001# command.
0696 Beeline Account recharge
080000696 Beeline Account recharge for another subscriber from fixed telephone
067409 / *110*09# Beeline Information about the activated services at the moment of inquiry
096900611 Client Support Center for roaming users and guests from other networks. Information about the parameters of your current tariff plan (Note: paid service)
067405 / *110*05# Beeline Information about the parameters of your current tariff plan
*106# Beeline SMS-package balance check
*103# Beeline GPRS-package balance check
*525# Beeline Phone number Check

Free Beeline (Armenia) Information Telephone numbers

100 / 0611 Customer Support Center (from “Beeline” mobile number)
100 / 080000611 Customer Support Center (from a fixed telephone number)
096900611 / +37496900611 (for calls from abroad) Customer Support Center (the number is available for the subscribers of other networks, as well as for subscribers in a roaming zone. Please note, that the call is charged in accordance with the tariff plan of your mobile number.)
+37480000612 Customer support centre (calls from CIS and other countries, only for subscribers of RA “Beeline” network.)
+37480000611 Customer support centre for calls from abroad. Please note, that the call is charged.

Beeline Remaining Data balance?

You can check your balance by following USSD requests: Prepaid: *203# Postpaid: *113#

Beeline Internet settings

You can get the settings by dialing *151*2#, after receiving the 2nd SMS you must save them in the phone. Then you must restart your phone.2. If you want to receive GPRS internet settings, please send ‘’2’’ text via SMS to 1212 number. You will receive 2 text messages; the second one must be saved. After saving it, please restart your phone. Charging for the Internet will be performed in accordance with the tariff plan, or the services activated on your number.

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