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Helpful MTN (Yemen) Network USSD Codes

MTN Yemen Credit Transfer Service:

This service enables the prepaid subscribers to transfer a credit to any another MTN Yemen prepaid number in the same network. To use this service, you should have at least 450 YR in your balance so you can transfer an account. The minimum amount per a transaction is 410 YRs and the Maximum amount per a transaction is 410 YRs .

In addition, the transfer free is 25 YRs per a transaction. You can transfer by calling 555, then press Option 1 and follow the instructions. Or you can deal with the following code: *130*Receiver GSM number*VTU number# and then press the call button

Transfer Method:

To transfer a credit, you should call “555”, press 1, and then follow the instructions. You can transfer credit by following the steps mentioned below: *130* number to which you will transfer credit *amount* # then the call button.

MTN Yemen Pay for Me Service

“Pay4Me” service allows prepaid subscribers to make on-net calls to any MTN number where the call charges will be charged into the B-number account. A caller A party can initiate a Pay4Me request by dialing the prefix (*) followed by the called party number B party e.g.: *73xxxxxxx and then follow the instructions. The following table shows the short codes of the service:

Short code Service Name Price
*73XXXXXXX Service Prefix Free
*800# Service Management Free

MTN Yemen Absher Service

Absher service enables prepaid subscribers to get additional credit or internet balance when they do not have a balance and they can pay later upon the first recharge.  For additional credit dial the code *202*1#. For Internet credit dial *202*2#. For more details, send Absher to 111 for free.

MTN Yemen Notify them Service:

“Notify Me” is one of the functions that the “Super Clip Service” system offering. And all what subscribers need is just to subscribe to this service, and if the Caller is calling them and they were out of coverage/not available or their mobile is switched-off then the system will inform the Caller once they get back to Network and push them a message.

Once a subscriber gets back to the network, any subscriber called him will receive the following SMS message while the Sender Name is the “Notify Me” subscriber MSISDN: The Number 733111111 is now available.

Any subscriber can activate the “Notify Me” service by dialing the USSD code *135# free of change from his mobile phone.


  • To activate this service, subscribers should subscribe to the super Clip service by diverting his calls to “779”
  • This service will be free of charge
  • Any postpaid or prepaid subscriber can subscribe to this service.

MTN “Call me” Service:

This service enables the prepaid subscribers to send free messages including “Please call me” to all local networks. This service is free for three times per day only in case he has not credit in your balance and is in the grace period. You can use the below method to use this service.

For Arabic language, send the number of the person you want to contact to 2255 and he will receive a message including “Please call me!”

For English Language, send the number of the person you want to contact followed by #1 to 2255:

Example: 73xxxxxxx#1, he will receive a message including “Please call me!”

MTN Yemen Ashab Service:

Call three numbers and communicate with them for 5 YR/minute. Please call 555, press 2, follow the instructions and choose 3 numbers to be added to your favorite call list. 9 YR will be deducted once upon subscription. 50 YR will be deducted when changing or adding a number to the list. This offer is for all our prepaid users

To subscribe call “555”, choose a language then press “2” and choose one of the following options:

Option Instructions
To subscribe to this service Press “1” and 9 YR will be deducted for the subscription.
To add a number Press “2” (50 YR will be deducted upon adding a number)
To adjust a number of the current menu Press “3” (50 YR will be deducted upon adjusting a number)
To check the numbers previously chosen Press “4”
To cancel a number from the current menu Press “5”
To deactivate this service Press “6”

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