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Optus Australia Network Important Services Usage Check Code

Optus is an Australian telecommunications network and is the second-largest wireless carrier in Australia. It provides broadband and wireless internet services. If you are an Optus network customer or traveler then you can use the below-given methods to check your network services detail. It will help to check Optus network account balance, data balance, customer care number, and other related information.

If any of the information is not available here, you can call on Optus network customer support helpline number.

How to Check your Optus Prepaid balance

If you’re not sure how to check your Optus Prepaid balance? Whether you are using Prepaid mobile or Prepaid mobile broadband service, here are the easy steps through that you can track your balance and expiry date.

My Optus app

  • Step 1) You can check your Optus Prepaid balance in the My Optus app.
  • Step 2) Register and Open the app and navigate on the ‘service’ tab.
  • Step 3) If you can’t see your balance it may because you haven’t logged in. Tap the phone icon on the top left corner of the app. Fill in your My Account details.
‎My Optus
‎My Optus
Developer: Optus Mobile
Price: Free
My Optus
My Optus
Price: Free

My Account

To view your Optus Prepaid balance in My Account, log in and select your service number from the dashboard.

SMS/ Call

Description  Service Code
Optus Prepaid Account Balance Check Type in the message BAL and Send it to 9999
Optus Prepaid Account Balance Check Dial 555 from your mobile phone and select option 1 | Call on 1509
Optus SMS Menu Type in the message MENU and Send it to 9999

How to Find the Mobile Number of my Optus Prepaid SIM Card

A newly bought SIM card doesn’t have a registered mobile number. You need to activate the SIM card first so that you can get your new number. You can do the activation on this link. Please make sure that you have your ID handy since you will be needing it. You can use Medicare Card, Passport or License. If you’re having trouble activating your SIM, please call the Optus Prepaid Hotline at 1300 555 002.

How to Get your Optus Prepaid Number PUK code

There are two ways to check the Optus network PUK code, the first method online or second by calling on the hotline.

Method 1 → Via Account

If your device is asking for a PUK code (Personal Unlocking Key), it means you need to unblock your SIM card and change the PIN. You can follow the below given steps to retrieve your device’s unique PUK code.

  • Step 1) Log in to My Account and select the service
  • Step 2) Now in the next step select Settings option and again select Show all settings options.

  • Step 3) Now select your device’s PUK code.

Note: If you don’t have My Account, contact us to retrieve your PUK code.

Method 2 → Dial 555

If you’re a Prepaid mobile customer, you can retrieve your PUK code by dialing 555 from your locked-out mobile and following the prompts.

Manage All Plans & Services with Optus Menu

Now you can manage all Prepaid services with self-service 9999 menu. The menu will help you check your account balance, manage Auto Recharge, buy more data, and more. It’s super quick and works with any Optus Prepaid Mobile Phone or Prepaid Mobile Broadband device / tablet that can send text messages and is available 24/7.

Step 1 :- Type MENU in the message and send it to 9999

Optus Customer Care Number

Postpaid Customer Service – 133 937 (Mon – Fri: 8:00am – 7:00pm) (Sat: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm)

Prepaid Mobile Customer Service – 1300 555 002​​​​​​​ (Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 12:00 am) Sat & Sun: 9:00 am – 12:00 am (Midnight)

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