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Unitel (Angola) USSD Codes

Unitel is the largest mobile operator in Angola. It offers GSM mobile communication service which includes voice calls, text and multimedia messages, and mobile internet services.

If you are a Unitel Angola network customer or traveler then you can use the below-given Unitel USSD Codes or below-given methods to check your network services detail. It will help you to check the remaining account balance, data balance, recharging cards, customer care number, and other related information. If any of the information is not available here, you can call on Unitel Angola customer support number.

Unitel Angola Service Menu 

Dial *111# to manage your Unitel account and know more about the services. You can access the following options by dialing the given code.

  • Consult and change voice and data tariffs;
  • Check your balances;
  • Subscribe to internet plans;
  • Subscribe More plans;
  • Activate Unitel or roaming services;
  • Manage your Points Club: get more information, consult and even exchange points for balance.

How to Enquiry Unitel Angola Prepaid Number Balance

Unitel Angola prepaid subscribers can Dial *102# or *103# code on your cell phone dial pad and press the call button.

How to Recharge Unitel Angola

You can find Unitel SIM recharge cards from the local shop or visit the operator store, cards are available in 35, 50, 125, 375, 625, and 1250 units for the price in Kz (x 10). The validity periods for each are 10, 30, 60, 90, and 180 days respectively.

To recharge the account you can dial 19101 and follow the instructions or dial *101*<recharge code>#. To check your balance and to activate other options, dial *102# or *103# or *111#.

Unitel Angola Message Loan Service

Do you need to send an SMS but don’t have a sufficient balance in your account? Unitel offers special services to stay connected with the person. Under this service, you can send 11 text messages, even without a balance, and only pay when you reload your card. The first SMS is free and the rest will be deducted from your next top-up, with an additional cost of 2,381 + VAT.

Unitel Angola Loan Service

Need to finish a conversation that was halfway through because you ran out of balance? Unitel advances the balance. To request an advance payment, send an SMS type ADIANTA  in the message and send it to 19116 and you will receive 100 Kz or 250 Kz to speak or send messages to any Unitel number.

Unitel Angola Call me Back Service

Need to talk to someone but not the balance? Ask them to call you. Sends SMS to 19112 and in the message records the number of the person you are consulting. You can send up to 10 ′ League Only for free per day.

Unitel Angola Balance Transfer Service

Under this service, Unitel offers two services which are Request for balance from Unitel number or transfer balance. Under the transfer service, you can make transfers from 200 kzs to 2000 kzs.

1. To request a balance from your friend and family number, type in the message DASO NUMERO and send it to 19104.

2. To transfer balance, type in the message BALANCE NUMBER AMOUNT TO TRANSFER (Example: BALANCE 92******* 200) and send it to 19104. Example shows indicating the number of the person to whom you want to transfer balance, followed by the amount to transfer. The transfer cost is  17,544 + VAT. You can make up to  3  transfers of  2000kzs per day.

Manage all Servies with Unitel App

The Unitel App allows you to manage your Unitel account.

  • Check your balances and top-ups
  • The status of your card
  • Change your tariff
  • Check your account statement
  • Manage your Unitel services
  • Manage your Points Club: get more information, consult and even exchange points for balance
  • Install it now and use it without wasting your data balance.


App Unitel
App Unitel
Developer: Unitel SA
Price: To be announced

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