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Zain Bahrain Network Important Services Usage Check Code

Zain Bahrain is a telecommunications network that offers high-speed 4G LTE services. It is a leading telecommunications operator across the Middle East and Africa, which provides mobile voice and data services to a large population. Zain operates in Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and South Sudan. If you’re a customer of the Zain network in Bahrain or using prepaid and postpaid subscriptions for internet usage and for calls. Zain Bahrain offers an Android or IOS application to help its users to recharge their data and track usage information.

However, lately many users have been having some queries about Zain Bahrain balance check, mobile number check, and others. Find out the below methods or use the given ussd codes to check the Zain Bahrain balance and other service information. If any of the information is not available here, you can call on Zain Bahrain network customer support number.

How to Check Zain Bahrain Balance & Validity with Application

  • Install Zain Bahrain application from the Android or IOS store.
  • Now Signup in to the app with the given detail to login into the app.
  • You’ll find your account information on the app dashboard and control of their pre-paid / post-paid accounts and other varied add-on services that is offered through the Self Care App and much more!
ZAIN Bahrain
ZAIN Bahrain
Developer: Zain Bahrain
Price: Free

Zain Bahrain Prepaid

*555# & *123# → For Zain Services and add-ons

*111# → To view your Zain Bahrain mobile number

*900# → Data Roaming Add-ons (Activation, deactivation & Add-on balance)

*142# → Zain Bahrain Balance enquiry

*141*Voucher Number# → Zain Bahrain Voucher Top-up

*140*Mobile Number*Amount to be transferred# → Zain Bahrain Local Credit Transfer

*121# or *121*Mobile Number# → Zain Bahrain International Credit Transfer

​*440# → ​For Zain Passes

​*888# → ​​For Zain Delights

Zain Bahrain Postpaid

*107# →  Zain Bahrain Postpaid Bill enquiry, Remaining free minutes & Data balance 

*111# → Zain Bahrain Postpaid mobile number check 

*555# → For Zain Services 

*900# → Data Roaming (Activation, deactivation & Add-on balance) 

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