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How to Transfer Airtel 3G/4G Internet Data Balance

Note:- Airtel data balance transfer service is terminated by Airtel, so this method will not work in the present.

Airtel Easy Share service provides the facility to transfer Airtel prepaid number internet data balance to another mobile number, that can be your friends and family number. Under this service, you can transfer Airtel activated 3G/4G Data pack, not an unlimited data pack. Airtel net balance transfer service is only for Airtel prepaid users. It means you can transfer your Airtel prepaid data to another Airtel number only, not on other network operator sim.

This facility helps very much to the users in case of emergency and helpful for those customers who think this type of facility (internet sharing) should be provided by the company. Make sure you have sufficient data balance to share your internet data to another mobile number.

How to  Transfer Airtel 3G/4G Internet Data Balance

Just follow the below steps to transfer your Airtel prepaid account 3G/4G internet Data balance to another mobile number. For detailed information about the service, you can read terms and conditions.

  • You can Dial *129*101# or visit URL.
  • Now Enter your Airtel mobile number and login with OTP (One Time Password).
  • After entering OTP this type of window will show you, which is shown in the below image.

Alternate Method to Share your Airtel 3G/4G Internet Data Balance

  • Step 1). Download My Airtel App and login with the mobile number.
  • Step 2). Now Tap on the left side menu bar and select the family share option and add the family members to your plan.
  • Step 3). Now ask your family member to verify via SMS and share your data and benefits with family members.

Terms & Condition of Airtel Data Balance Transfer

  • Now add your Airtel mobile number whom you want to share your airtel 3G/4G internet data balance.
  • You can add a maximum of 4 numbers on your list.
  • When the shared data balance reaches thresholds of 100 MB, 50 MB and 10 MB, 0 MB, SMS warning alerts will be sent to all members of the family.
  • First of you need to add the mobile number before sharing your internet data balance to another airtel number.
  • You can add mobile number by two ways, one is an online method and another is you need to send a message from your mobile number. More terms and conditions you can read on the link.

How to Add Airtel Family Member Through SMS

Just follow the below steps to add a family member.

  1. Send a message “Share” and send to 121
  2. Now a full instruction message will receive on your mobile number that is given below in the screenshot.
  3. To check your family member number detail list send a message “View” to 121.
  4. To add your number to the list ADD<space><10 Digit Airtel Prepaid mobile number> and send it to 121.
  5. To Delete your number from the list DEL<space><10 Digit Airtel Prepaid mobile number> and send it to 121.
  6. After adding the mobile number on the list confirm it.

After confirming the number your family & friend member can use your data. Simply enable data on the shared sim and use the internet.

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