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Afghan Wireless (AWCC) APN Internet Settings

GPRS stands for General packet radio service, it is a wireless data service that enables you to send information between a mobile phone network. It is used for 2G/3G and 4G mobile phones for multimedia messaging, Internet access and various applications. If you are facing any kind of issue while accessing the internet then you can request AWCC GPRS internet settings to troubleshoot this issue. It helps to configure the internet and other settings with the network operator which is required to communicate with the network.

AWCC users can use the following ways to configure 3G and 4G internet setting on your mobile. To request the settings, AWCC users have to send SMS with keyword <1> to the shortcode <2009>. In return, you will receive the Data settings with a PIN via SMS, which needs to be saved. Now save all these settings and restart your mobile to use the internet or either you can manually configure all these settings with the below steps.

How to Configure AWCC 3G/4G APN setting

APN  stands for Access point name which is used to configure the AWCC Internet settings, AWCC MMS APN settings, AWCC Live, AWCC SMS/MMS. You can follow the below step to configure the AWCC APN setting for internet access.

  • Open mobile setting and find mobile network menu.
  • Now go to Access Point Names (APN) menu and create a new APN.
  • Below is the AWCC network APN setting.
Setting Name Value
Operator AWCC Internet
APN internet
Proxy [blank]
Username [blank]
Password [blank]
Server [blank]
MMSC Not Set
MMS Proxy  Not Set
MMS Port Not Set
MCC 412
MNC 01
Authentication Type [blank]
Data Bearer [blank]

Save all the setting manually and restart your phone, For More Information, you can call / SMS 152 or Call 0700 830 830 or visit any Afghan Wireless Brand Shop.

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