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imei number check code

When you purchase your mobile phone and want to sell your mobile online, Or you want to exchange it on exchange offer. You have to enter your mobile IMEI number  to check your mobile cost into exchange offer or might be any other reason. The IMEI full form is (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity). It is a unique number for every smartphone. This IMEI number can’t be same for two mobiles.

What is Mobile IMEI Number?

IMEI number is the very important number of mobile. In case your mobile is lost or it is stolen by any third person. This number help the Government Department to track your mobile current status.

IMEI number is defined by the sim slots in your mobile. If you are using Dual SIM mobile, you will have two IMEI number.

This IMEI number is very important in the case of any emergency or tracking your mobile status. You want to check your mobile IMEI number. Here is the following method to check IMEI number.

1.IMEI number Check by USSD Codes.
2.IMEI number Check by Mobile setting option.
3.IMEI number Check on the Bill or Mobile Box.

But some people search for how to find IMEI number of lost phone and other one is
how to find IMEI number without a phone.

I want to tell them, It is very difficult to find IMEI in case. if you don’t have a smartphone.

1. IMEI Number Check Code

USSD Code method is a very easy method to check IMEI number of your mobile. It is very easily method and works in almost mobiles.

1.Dial *06# on your mobile.

imei number check ussd code

2.Below is the demo image, After apply the USSD code, IMEI number will display like as demo image.

2. IMEI number check by Setting Menu

If you want to manually find out your mobile IMEI number, then go to the Setting option. Remember, this method is only for android smartphone user not for IOS users.

  • Open your Mobile setting option.
  • Now scroll down your setting option and tap on About option.
  • Now Tap on the Status option.
  • After Tap on the Staus option, IMEI information option will show you. Here is your both sim slot IMEI number. Note down your mobile IMEI number from here.

You can get help from the guide image given below to check IMEI number.

imei number check 2

This method is for IOS Apple users. Go to Setting menu and scroll sown at the IMEI option will show you

you can check IMEI number on the SIM tray.

This is only for ios users.

3. IMEI number check on Bill or Mobile Box

imei number on the box

When you bought a new mobile from retailer shop, retailer provide you the mobile box and bill with new product. you can check your mobile number on the box.

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