All SIM Balance Transfer USSD Codes (Airtel-Aircel-BSNL-Idea-Vodafone) Others

You want to transfer the prepaid mobile account balance to another sim. Balance transfer service provides you the facility to transfer your account balance to another mobile account. You know many people face zero balance in case emergency they want to get instant talk time amount. You can get talk time balance by loan services another way to get balance by transfer.

In our article, we mentioned some popular network ussd codes like Vodafone balance transfer, Idea balance transfer, Airtel balance transfer, Aircel balance transfer or many other network balance transfer code that are available in India.

If you are in an emergency you can use loan ussd code to get advance talktime balance.

You can transfer the balance from your friend mobile number to your number in case emergency or you don’t have sufficient talk time balance to make a call. Every network service provider has their own short ussd codes to transfer account balance.

Below is the list of balance transfer ussd codes of all network.

 All SIM Balance Transfer USSD Codes

1.  Airtel Balance Transfer (Number) ussd codes

Dial *141# and Select “Share Talktime” Option

Airtel balance transfer ussd codes are not available to proceed this airtel service. You need to manually follow the steps to transfer your airtel mobile balance to another airtel number. You can check our detailed guide on Airtel balance transfer.

2.  Vodafone Balance Transfer (Number) ussd codes

Dial *131*<Amount>*<Nubmer>#

You can Dial following ussd codes to transfer your balance Vodafone to Vodafone mobile number. If you want to know the detailed guide on Vodafone balance transfer. You can check our Vodafone balance transfer article.

3.  Idea Balance Transfer (Number) ussd codes

Dial *191# and manually proceed

Dial *567*<Amount>*<Nubmer>#

Previously we shared a detailed guide on Idea balance transfer code. If you want all idea network ussd codes visit below link.

4.  Reliance Balance Transfer (Number) ussd codes

No balance transfer service is started by reliance. when reliance will start balance transfer service. We will notify you or update the code in our article.

5.  BSNL Balance Transfer (Number) ussd codes

No balance transfer service available for bsnl users.

6.  Aircel Balance Transfer (Number) ussd codes

Dial *121*666# then follow the instructions

If you want Aircel direct balance transfer ussd code then no direct balance transfer ussd code is not available. You need to manually proceed to transfer balance follow our detailed guide on Aircel balance transfer.

7.  Tata DoCoMo Balance Transfer (Number) ussd codes

There is no balance transfer option in Tata Docomo services. When tata company will start tata Docomo balance transfer service. Will notify you or update balance transfer ussd code in our article.

8.  Telenor/Uninor Balance Transfer (Number) ussd codes

Dial *202*<Amount>*<Nubmer>#

9.  Reliance Jio Balance Transfer (Number) ussd codes

No balance transfer service is started by reliance Jio.

10.  MTNL Balance Transfer (Number) ussd codes

Soon we will update

11.  MTS Balance Transfer (Number) ussd codes

Soon we will update

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